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Why relaunching your brand is key?

This week’s Launch Legends are:

  • Tony Holdway, Sales & Marketing Director – Dominos Pizza.
  • Matthew Sykes, International Marketing Director – Patrón Spiritis Ltd.

You can either watch the clip above or if you can’t listen to audio, you can find the transcript below.

Tony Holdway – you take the risk of relaunching your brand because it’s such a competitive marketplace. I think simply being successful and staying where you are is probably the greatest risk with the competitive nature of the consumer market.

Matthew Sykes – almost rather than relaunching, because you’ve got this diversity of different markets, what remains important is that the DNA of the brand remains the same. The vision for the brand remains the same across the world but it’s how you then work with each of these individual markets to create those launch plans that is the key here. In some areas you are seeding and in other areas you’re more advanced, so you have got to work closely with each of those individual markets. Those that work locally need to be given autonomy and responsibility whilst retaining an overview of what they’re achieving. Always make sure you remain consistent to the core of the brand though.

Tony Holdway – You want to create something that the competition sit in a room and go F$*k I can’t believe they’ve launched that. That’s the idea isn’t it. You want them in a room going bloody hell, I can’t believe it…we couldn’t have done that. That’s what you’re trying to create.

If you have enjoyed what Tony and Matt have said, listen into how you become the No.1 brand in every country.

By Alexis Eyre

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